Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

What will my photo session be like?

In a word, FUN.  Our staff puts all the focus on YOU when you're being photographed.  You will be able to talk with your photographer before you start about any special requests or concerns you may have.  Time after time we hear how comfortable and FUN our seniors felt during their session.  "My session was tons of FUN.  My photographer was so nice and listened to my requests and made sure I felt important!"  Kathryn Gibson...Tascosa High

Are You Expensive?

You need to go where you feel a comfortable balance of value for cost…what you pay for what you get.  LOOK FOR VALUE.  Quality and value are found in your own sense of good taste. Take a look at our images here.  You’ll find a great variety of comfortable poses with backgrounds that blend with and enhance the portrait.  If you are only wanting to record what you son or daughter looks like then any of the cheap chain stores or part-time photographers will do but if you want to capture your child’s personality (who they are) then The Photo Store is your best value   The value of a portrait is in the way it makes you feel, not what it cost. You’re not going to like a bad portrait just because you got it cheap. But you’ll love a quality portrait because it feels priceless.  You can find our pricing information here.  "We chose The Photo Store because their prices and discounts were fair and they don't charge for extra outfits or props. It was an awesome experience!  Everyone was so nice and took time to make it a great experience.  Ashley Lucio...Randall High

What makes your portraits look so much better?

Our creativity, innovation, and sense of style, people skills and a strong desire to be the best are all reasons why our senior portraits stand out from all the rest. "Portraits from The Photo Store are really unique and captured my personality."  Hannah Lang...Amarillo High

Will my poses show who I am?

The Photo Store excels at photographing who you are and not what you look like.  We are NOT the traditional sit here and look there photographers.  Nor are we the inexperienced shooters who became a photographer yesterday.  It takes years of training to acquire the technical, lighting and people skills to produce portraits that truly capture your personality. "It was so much fun!  What I liked best was that you could see me in the poses."  Samantha Gresham...Amarillo High

Are We a Good Fit?

How important are your senior portraits?

If you don’t want to risk your time, hope for luck, and settle for “good enough”. If you realize your senior portraits are THE most important portraits you’ve ever had to this point!
If you can’t afford pictures that embarrass you.
If you don’t want to overpay because you’ve found the most expensive isn’t always the best
If you’ve figured out that the cheapest is seldom a bargain.
Then we’re a good fit! The next step is to spend a little time on our website and facebook page. Call us and ask questions, and talk to friends. The secret to getting the very best senior portrait experience is getting involved in the process. Nothing will make your experience better than that!

How long will it take to see my pictures?

Generally, two business days later you will pickup your previews after paying a $64.90 deposit.  After ordering your finished portraits will be available for pickup in 3 days.

Do you sell photos for my Facebook page?

No, because we include them at no charge!  You will get a FREE Facebook photo of each pose you order from.

What if I don't like my pictures?

If something isn't right we will correct it immediately.  If necessary, we will schedule another photo shoot to take more poses.