Here Is What Your Friends Have To Say

"It was very relaxing and enjoyable! I loved how ‘me" the poses were. They look amazing! I had an amazing experience at The Photo Store. You can count on them to take great pictures!" --Dre’ Rose--- Hereford High"

"I had a blast! My photographer was really nice and had a lot of cool suggestions. My poses were really unique and turned out better than I imagined. They brought out my personality. " Hannah--- Amarillo High

 "The Photo Store was so unique and different to all the other studios. My session was fun and not stressful at all. The poses and styles had so much variety. Some were serious and others were just fun. You will love The Photo Store." Kirby---Amarillo High

 "My session was so much fun, exciting and one of a kind! The staff is super nice and friendly. The posing was great and the backgrounds were fabulous! Go to The Photo Store. They are great!" Kristen---Clarendon High

 "I chose The Photo Store because they had better backgrounds and locations. Their prices were better and they had LOTS of "Guy" options. I really like the location photography. My session was friendly, relaxed and fun to do. My photographer was very relaxed to be around. We just had fun with it! The Photo Store is the place to go for your pictures! Relaxed environment and fun!" Brian---Hereford High

 "I looked at other studios and I liked The Photo Store styles the best. My session was enjoyable, pleasant and entertaining. My photographer was excellent!" Ivan Estrada---Tascosa High

 "None of my pictures were the same. It was a fun and exciting experience. What I liked best was the creativity of my photographer. I would not change anything!" Sierra Stephens---River Road High

 "I really like the variety that I did not see at other studios. My session was GREAT! We took lots of pictures in different clothes to get different looks. My photographer made me feel really comfortable. My pictures turned out really great! Just go to The Photo Store and have fun. " Lauren---Amarillo High

 "My photos all looked so good! I had a great experience!" Morgan---Randall High

 "I really loved all the different styles. It was so much fun, exciting and easy to do. I loved my indoor the most just because the different backgrounds and chairs I got to use. Just have fun and be yourself!!" Marina---Tascosa High

 "My session was wonderful! I would not change a thing." Tynisha---Palo Duro Road

 "My experience was SO fun. I didn’t even have to try and smile. The photographer made me laugh so much that I couldn’t stop smilling. My photos were me. I did not look like I was faking it. Go to The Photo Store!" Katie---Amarillo High

 "The outdoor studio was really neat. I was relaxed and did not feel rushed." Anna---Randall High

 "My session was very energetic and lots of fun. My photos were perfect." Jaime---Hereford High


I loved the quality and originality of the photos. They were so very different and unique in comparision to other sturios. My session was so much fun! From the minute I got there I felt comfortable and felt I could be myself. I felt like my photographer really captured my personality and who I am." Brandi---Randall High

"My session was AWESOME! The staff at The Photo Store worked with me to make my pictures amazing. Thank you for making my pictures amazing. It really helped make my senior year special." Erin---Tascosa High

 "I chose The Photo Store because their poses are my style. Less posey and more natural. My session was perfect!. Everything I did was exactly what I was looking for. My poses portrayed who I am as a person. It was an awesome experience! Graeson---Amarillo High

"My session was so amazing! My photographer was so funny and outgoing. It made things easy. What I like best was that I was able to do things I wanted. I would not change anything! " Lane---Panhandle High "I chose The Photo Store because their photography was extrememly creative and just looked fun. My session was amazing! I really did not want to be there but my photographer made me comfortable. My portraits really fit my style and who I am. It was better than I ever expected." Damian---Randall High

"My session was fun filled, exciting and enthusatic! What I liked best about my poses is that they were all so unique. I loved my photographer! Leigh Ann---Randall High

"I chose The Photo Store because of all the referrals I got about them. I really loved the indoor studio. My session was fun, entertaining and amazing." Alex---Bushland High

 "I would not change anything because my photos came out terriffic! Go to The Photo Store. They are amazing!" Aspen---Amarillo High

"My session was AWESOME and my poses looked so natural! Go to The Photo Store." Kirene---Tascosa High

"My session was so much fun and very comfortable. My poses were all unique. I had a lot of fun doing them and I looked amazing! The Photo Store will do everything they can to satisfy you!" Chantel---Dalhart High

"Be sure to go to The Photo Store if you want poses that are different than everyone else." Lacy---River Road

"I loved the outdoor studio. My photographers were awesome. My session was so much fun and I really enjoyed myself. I love this place." Mireekal---Palo Duro High

"I liked The Photo Store’s photography from other studios because it is beastly. Is was freakin awesome. I had so much fun! Go to this place bro! It’s awesome!" Trevor---Tascosa High

"I chose The Photo Store because you were recommedned so highly. My session was great because my photographer made me feel comfortable. My poses really captured evrtything about me. Chance---Bushland High








 "Go BIG!  Because it's a once in a lifetime experience and you'll be glad you did chose The Photo Store."  Jacy Lucio---Hereford High---The Photo Store's Top Senior Model

"It was Super-uper-duper-pooper FUN!  My photos were really good and it was hard to decide.  Get’em done at The Photo Store!"   Chelsey Hartley---Randall High

"It was a really fun experience and I felt relaxed the whole time.  My photographer really allowed my personality to shine through!  I was allowed to express my personality through pictures and warp-up my year with a great time!"   Skylar Brannon---Amarillo High

"I chose The Photo Store after going somewhere else.  It was not good!  I had heard good thing about The Photo Store.  My session was friendly and not rushed.  I felt comfortable and had a LOT of fun!  I was comfortable, had better photos and had fun! "  Jeseka Halpain---Amarillo High

"My session was so much fun!  It was real go with the flow.  My photographers was fun and patient.  All my poses turned out so creative and different.  I love The Photo Store! "  Marcie---Randall High

“I chose The Photo Store because they are not stereotypical and stuffy.  The portraits are just so much more creative.  My session was fantastic and fun!  My photographer was totally awesome and super major talented.  My socks were totally rocked!”   Meagan---Randall High

“What I liked best about The Photo Store was that their photos were not like everyone elses.  They were fun and funky and unique!!  My session was awesome!!  My photographer went the extra mile to make sure I looked the best I could in my photos.  It was so much fun and my photographer was so good!  Don’t go anywhere but The Photo Store to get your pictures done!  They take the time to make sure you look great!”    Alison---Dalhart High

"I wanted to go to The Photo Store to get the Senior picture experience.  The atmosphere was so fun and comfortable.  All of my poses were different and they expressed my personality.  I would not change anything!"  Kendal Kuehler---Tascosa High

"What I liked best was that my photographer worked with me and listened to me to make my pictures what I wanted.  Stephanie Harbaugh---Amarillo High

"The Photo Store is a fabulous place to do your senior portraits.  It's unique and kool!  Lourdes Garcia---Palo Duro High