Read this if senior portraits are important to you.

     Hundreds of the class of 2013 seniors from all over the Tri-State area are making The Photo Store in Amarillo the #1 choice for their senior portraits. Why? When you consider all the options, the reasons become clear. Simply put, here’s the The Photo Store Edge:

You’ll have more fun.

     Your senior portraits are the most important portraits you’ll ever have taken of you. You want them to be perfect. We understand that in order to look great in your portraits, you have to feel good when you’re being photographed. That’s why at The Photo Store, no effort is spared to make sure your session is as enjoyable as it is comfortable.

     You’ll arrive fully prepared for your session. You’ll know which sessions and styles you want. You’ll also know what types of clothing work best. You’ll be able to chill with your favorite music. You can even bring a friend or parent along to help make sure you look your best. Feeling ready for your session helps ease the nerves so you can concentrate on looking good.
     The Photo Store specializes in staying on the cutting edge of senior portraits. They know how to flatter you in every way. They know how to coordinate your outfit with any of tons of different backgrounds to get just the perfect look. And they knows how to relax even the most camera-shy, “I-hate-to-have-my-picture-taken” senior. Their easygoing manner puts you at ease, so you hardly even know you’re being photographed.
     Finally, the experience of being photographed at The Photo Store is like no other; your music playing, your friend or parent watching, helping, getting psyched with each new background and pose—it’s like being on a fashion model shoot!

You’ll get more variety.

     Each one of your photographs will look different. Our Photographers know how to get the perfect combination of background, clothing, position and expression to create a unique look for each image. In fact, your photos will look totally different from your friends who came to The Photo Store, too. With literally hundreds of backgrounds from our indoor studio, outdoor studio and “on location” you’re assured of images unique to your style and personality. No assembly-line photos allowed here!

You'll Get Images That Reflect Your Personality

     You get noticeable, high quality, true personality portraits that depict your individuality. Not snapshots of goofy looking pre-posed, awkward, artificial, embarrassing poses from some amateur.

Listen To Others

     Ask around! Parents and students from past years will be glad to share their opinion. Read the comments from our past clients here on our web site. Word-of-mouth has always been our best advertising. Our reputation is still being built one customer at a time.

You’ll be completel satisfied. Or else.

      At The Photo Store, we stand behind our work and years of experience. The Photo Store is so confident of thier ability that they offer a better-than-money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely thrilled with your portrait previews when you see them, you may have additional poses made to your liking at no additional charge, or get your session fee back PLUS FIVE DOLLARS! And they stand behind thier finished work, as well—if your final portraits aren’t everything you thought they would be, you may have them reprinted to your liking at no additional charge, or get your money back PLUS FIVE DOLLARS! So you risk nothing. Which is how it should be when you choose The Tri-State area’s senior portrait leaders—The Photo Store, of course!
      When you compare image quality, selection variety, service and affordability, the choice for your senior portraits is clear:  The Photo Store Portrait Studio!